Officers for 2016

President - Cary Roberts

Past Worthy President - Joan Smith

Vice President - Donna Carter

Treasurer- Tara Long

Secretary - Jaime Sweeny

Conductor- Tom Nelson

Inside Guard- Eric Snow

Chaplain - Libby Mc Cauley

2016 Board of Trustees

Sandy Duncan

Sally Howard

Steve Melusky

Bobby Morrison

Dave Moulton

Major National Accomplishments

 Founded Mother's Day

 Served as driving force in founding Social Security Program

 Helped end age-based job discrimination with the "Jobs After 40" Program

 Distributed Ten Commandments monoliths

 Fought to keep Ten Commandment monoliths in public places

Noteworthy Members

Theodore R. Roosevelt, former U.S. President

Warren G. Harding, former U.S. President

Franklin D. Roosevelt, former U.S. President

Harry S. Truman, former U.S. President

John F. Kennedy, former U.S. President

Ronald Reagan, former U.S. President

Bob Hope, comedian, performer

Max Baer, boxer/heavyweight champion

Gordie Howe, Hockey Hall of Fame

William Allen Egan, Governor, Alaska

Tony Stewart, NASCAR driver  

Sam Hornish, IRL and NASCAR driver James Buescher, 2012 NASCAR Camping World Truck Series Champion

Billy Ray Cyrus, musical performer

Tony Orlando, musical performer

Lee Greenwood, musical performer

Louise Mandrell, musical performer

Neal McCoy, musical performer

Bess Truman, wife of former U.S. President

Eleanor Roosevelt, wife of former U.S. President

Virginia Graham, radio and TV personality

Susan Wagner, wife of New York Mayor Robert Wagner

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